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Uganda Tourism Board| Tulambule Eastern Uganda.


Uganda Tourism Board| Tulambule Eastern Uganda.

We offered Influencer Marketing and Public Relations services to Uganda Tourism Board during the execution of the Tulambule Eastern Campaign. We worked closely with the Minister Geofrey Kiwanda as well as the project lead, Dave J Kazoora to orchestrate Top Of Mind Awareness for the whole campaign. With the Influencers we hired, we toured Namawojolo, did Ziplining and Nature Walks in Mabira Forest, did rafting on River Nile, as well as absailing at Sipi Falls. We later orchestrated a publicity stunt in Moroto, where we made it look like socialite Anita Fabiola had married a Karimojong Warrior. Bundled together, all our activities maintained Top Of Mind Awareness and have since been the most successful Tulambule campaign ever.