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About Adris Digital Africa

We have helped a number of SMEs build solid presences online as well as thrive across the different facets of marketing such as experiential, creative and Public Relations.

Adris Digital Africa Kampala Night Run
[wr_vc_textblock big_title=”ABOUT ADRIS `{`br`}` `{`span`}` DIGITAL `{`/span`}` AFRICA” button_text=”360 Degree Solutions” button_url=”#”]Adris Digital Africa is a Public Relations, Creative, Experiential and Digital Marketing agency that specializes in creating solutions for SME’s.

Young brands that want to play in the same marketing space with Multinationals, but lack the resources to hire a Creative, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, and Experiential agency separately, come to us for solutions on how to get there on a mini budget.

It’s a wild sport, but it’s the niche we chose, because we want to help Africa Businesses thrive online. And we are good at it.

  • Comprehensive Public Relations Solutions.
  • Helping SME’s thrive online
  • Personalized Marketing Solutions for Businesses.
  • Events and Experiential Marketing Concepts and Execution.
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Our Services

Our solutions are executed only after research and apt knowledge of client market space.
We create content that people relate and identify with to foster engagement on social.
We create video and audio adverts that are entertaining while achieving the advertising objective as well.

Public Relations

Crisis Management, Brand Management, Media Relations, Brand Positioning etc.

Media Buy

We offer Digital Media Buy and proffesional ad placement.

Media Relations

From press conferences, to making sure the brand is in the thick of the news.


What we Pride in

We provide tailor made services across all fronts of Public Relations like Digital Marketing, Traditional Media Buy, Creative Design and Product, atop crisis management etc.

  • Helping SME's thrive online

    We help SMEs with advisory across the different branding facets such as Digital Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Advertising.

  • Personalized Marketing Solutions for Businesses

    We pinpoint the prospects of our clientele’s businesses and advertise to them to ensure high returns on sales.

  • Events and Experiential Marketing Concepts and Execution

    We conceptualize, organize and execute high value product-interaction experiences for our clients through events.

Our Skills

We have over 10 years of knowledge of offering Digital Marketing and Public Relations Solutions in Uganda.

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We have helped a number of SMEs build solid presences online as well as thrive across the different facets of marketing such as experiential, creative and Public Relations. Notable among them are;

Quality Chemicals Limited.

Quality Chemicals Limited.

We handle the Public Relations interests of Quality Chemicals Limited across facets such as Digital Marketing, Web Development, Traditional Media Buy, Graphics Design, Branding Advisory.  

Silk Events.

Silk Events.

Adris Digital Africa works closely with Silk Events to execute most of the Public Relations needs for its’ clients.  

Visma Business

Visma Business

Italian furniture fittings firm Visma Italia opened shop in Uganda. Adris Digital Africa partnered with Silk Events to execute the product launch on both the experiential and Public relations fronts.  

Asahi Eitto Bizex Launch.

Asahi Eitto Bizex Launch.

Japanese Ceramics firm, Asahi Eitto partnered with Bizex to launch a partnership in Uganda. We offered solid Public Relations advisory, atop executing very effective PR activations and media relations for the launch.  

Uganda Tourism Golf Tours

Uganda Tourism Golf Tours

After the success of the Tulambule Campaign, the PR of Uganda Tourism Board, Sandra Natukunda was impressed with the work of Adris Digital Africa. He then hired the team to orchestrate Influencer Marketing and Blog Marketing for the Golf Tours, a campaign geared towards attracting the elite golfers to tour Uganda. We visited Entebbe, Mbale and Fort Portal and managed to hit all the publicity objectives handed to us by client.  

Our Growing List Of Clientele